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Attenborough and the Jurassic Sea Monster | T-Rex vs. Jurassic Sea Monster | Nature



– [David] Paleobiologist Dr. Andre Rowe is a world main knowledgeable in 3D visualization of fossils.

– First ideas, this factor is completely huge, and I can even add that the extent of preservation is wonderful.

There’s this frequent false impression that fossilization is simply this actually frequent factor and we get these full skulls on a regular basis, and that is sadly not the case.

That is really a one in one million, is perhaps one in a billion sort specimen right here.

– [David] Utilizing the newest expertise, Andre is finishing up the world’s first floor scan of pliosaur’s cranium.

– So proper now we’re capturing mainly a whole lot of hundreds of photographs all of sudden.

It is primarily placing collectively an enormous 3D jigsaw puzzle.

The tip result’s a very nice trying 3D mannequin, which we are able to use for biomechanics, finding out the anatomy.

I feel we’ll be capable to unlock loads of mysteries about what these sea monsters have been doing, and I am actually excited to see the place it takes us.

– [David] As soon as the scan has been finalized, I meet Andre on the College of Bristol to debate his findings.

Has he seen something within the cranium construction that reveals our sea monster had the ability of a really lethal predator?

– There’s some huge openings again right here alongside the jawline.

– [David] Yeah.

– [Andre] And that is good for muscle groups to connect and bulge out.

– There’d be a muscle goat operating via there?

– Sure, we’ve the pterygoid muscle group, which is in loads of massive dinosaurs and it is integral to having a extremely sturdy chunk.

And we have hypothesized that this specific pliosaur, form of the apex predator within the Jurassic ecosystems that was dwelling in.

– Within the sea.

– Sure.

– Does this cranium provide you with any details about what animals prey may need been?

– The animal would’ve been so huge that I feel it will’ve been capable of prey successfully on something that was unlucky sufficient to be in its house.

A well-liked speculation is that these animals have been really ripping off the limbs of different animals that disabled them from swimming away after which form of moving into for a kill.

– So that is actually a high predator?

– Sure, I’ve little or no doubt simply judging from how huge that cranium is.

I do not see what might have probably harm it.

– How would it not evaluate with T-Rex?

– I Think about it will be fairly comparable they usually have been form of each the respective apex predators of their ecosystems.

So I’ve little doubt that this was form of like an underwater T-Rex, if you’ll.

– Okay, let me ask you the the million greenback query.

In a battle between T-Rex and our pliosaur, who’s gonna win?

– As a lot because it pains me and brings a tear to my eye to confess it, I feel that my T-Rex goes to lose this struggle.

After which hundreds of thousands of years later, American paleontologist will envision this scene and break down into tears.

(David Attenborough laughs) (water dashing)


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