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Tofugu’s Be taught Kana Quiz: Observe Hiragana and Katakana

Tofugu’s Be taught Kana Quiz: Observe Hiragana and Katakana


Searching for a easy device to observe studying hiragana and katakana, as many instances as you wish to?

Nicely, Tofugu’s Be taught Kana Quiz is likely to be an ideal device for you.

We really made this kana quiz device a number of years in the past as a companion to our Be taught Hiragana Information and Be taught Katakana Information. Since then, many newbie degree Japanese learners have used it as a device to check their kana information, and easily observe studying kana time and again.

There are some things that we like about our kana quiz device. And I hope you may like them too.

  • You possibly can select which kana you wish to observe.
    In case you are nonetheless making an attempt to memorize all of the kana, you’d wish to be quizzed with simply the kana you have already studied. Many quiz instruments allow you to observe a set of randomly-picked kana. Whereas these may be nice for once you’re already acquainted with all of the kana. Our quiz device lets you choose which kana you wish to observe by the kana column. That method you’ll be able to give attention to solely the particular ones you wish to observe.

    selecting characters on tofugu learn kana quiz

  • You are compelled to “attempt” recalling.
    Quiz instruments often provide the right reply instantly once you get one thing mistaken. Nicely, our quiz device would not. It is because we would like you to attempt arduous to recall what the character is. There is not any motive to rush right here. Take your time staring and taking note of the form of the character. Attempt to bear in mind the way you turned acquainted with the character within the first place (“What was the mnemonic I used for this kana?” and so on.).
    typing incorrect answers on tofugu learn kana quiz
  • You possibly can determine the kana you are still having bother with.
    Within the outcomes web page, you may see which kana you had a tough time with. It’s going to present you the kana that you simply bought incorrect, together with the variety of failed makes an attempt you made. This tells you which ones kana you’d wish to put additional give attention to. Possibly tracing over that kana along with your finger would assist. Or, in the event you notice the kana’s mnemonic shouldn’t be fairly working for you, you’ll be able to even provide you with your individual option to bear in mind it.
    the results page of the tofugu learn kana quiz

…Does it sound like one thing you wish to check out? Tofugu’s Be taught Kana Quiz is out there free of charge out on the wild web. Test it out!


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